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"Providing mastectomy patients with the Necessities Bag free of charge"

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Matching Gifts
Many companies, small and large, have matching gift programs which double or even triple individual contributions made by their employees. This program may also be available to the spouse of an employee or a retired employee. The Human Resources Department will have information about company matched gifts.

Wish List
We can always use help with supplies for the Necessities Bag
  • 3-pack men's 100% cotton, sleeveless, undershirts size Medium and Large
  • Cottonnelle or Scott pre-moistened towelettes
  • Individual rolls of Life Savers - assorted fruit
  • Blank Note Cards - large and pretty (for recipients to write to us)
  • First Class Stamps
  • Soft cotton fabric to make small "comfort pillows"
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Zip lock baggies - quart and gallon size

Regular mail should be addressed to:
Necessities Bag Wisconsin, P.O. Box 357 Omro, WI 54963
Sponsor Bag

Sponsor a Bag
For a woman you know
For women in your community
For women everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Necessities sponsor?
The suggested donation for a Necessities Bag is $50. However, contributions of any amount are truly appreciated.

How do I make a donation?
Necessities accepts Paypal (click on the Donate button) and personal checks or money orders made payable to Necessities Bag Wisconsin. Click here to download a Necessities Bag Wisconsin Sponsor Form. Mail it with your check to Necessities Bag Wisconsin P.O. Box 357 Omro, WI 54963.

What about general support of the organization?
Necessities relies solely on donations. Mastectomy patients are given the bag free of charge. Often a recipient will send a check to help another woman. Unrestricted gifts from donors will enable us to grow the Necessities organization and broaden our reach to help more women in small towns and impoverished communities. Donations intended for general support are needed and very much appreciated.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. Necessities Bag Wisconsin Inc. is a 50lc(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible. All donations are acknowledged in writing for tax purposes.

How can I sponsor a Necessities Bag for a loved one or friend?
Please note that Necessities Bags are for mastectomy patients only. If your loved one does not live in a community where Necessities is active, you can arrange for a bag to be shipped to their surgeon or nurse. We do not send bags to individuals. Necessities will include a letter to the surgeon/nurse explaining the program and label the bag with a patientís name. E-mail your request to: becky@necessitiesbagwisconsin.org . Allow two weeks to process a request so that there is enough time for review and questions.

Why are Necessities Bags distributed by medical professionals?
Surgeons and nurses understand how important it is to help their patients manage the distress and difficulties associated with recovery from major surgery. The information and supplies offered in the Necessities Bag covers aspects of practical preparation that may be overlooked. Medical professionals who have reviewed and approved the contents can better answer questions related to the surgery and recovery.

How can I personalize my gift to an anonymous recipient?
Sponsors are invited to include a short message or just their first name on a gift card to be placed inside the Necessities Bag. You may never know the woman you helped, but she will have your name to remember. Indicate your wishes when you make your donation. You will NOT be contacted directly by a recipient. Necessities never gives out information about sponsors.

Can I sponsor a bag in honor of a special occasion or in someoneís memory?
Yes. If your gift celebrates a special occasion such as a birthday, we will send a greeting card announcement. If your gift is made in someoneís memory, we will send notification as instructed by the donor. E-mail us your request: becky@necessitiesbagwisconsin.org

How are corporate or business sponsors recognized?
Company logos are not printed on the outside of the bag to maintain the understated and simple presentation. Sponsors are always acknowledged on the website. Necessities will make every effort to work with a sponsor on a case to case basis. E-mail for more details: becky@necessitiesbagwisconsin.org

Who Benefits from the Necessities Bag program?
  Mastectomy patients Surgeons, nurses, and counselors have access to a valuable patient resource
  • Caregivers
  • Survivors assembling Necessities Bags find the activity aids recovery
  • Hospital community outreach programs
  • Volunteer Groups eager to help support women with breast cancer
  • Donors who want to have an immediate and personal impact on a breast cancer patientís recovery
  • Sponsors who wish to have their company/business associated with a unique outreach

  • How can I start a program in my community?
    Affiliate start-up requires the involvement of the medical community as well as an established group with the ability to provide funding and volunteers to handle assembly and delivery to medical offices. Contact Necessities, Inc. for more details.

    How do I contact Necessities?
    The national office of Necessities is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Necessities Bag Wisconsin is located in Omro,WI. Email: